Amira Abdi is a professional choreographer with 15 years of teaching experience. During her career she created hundreds of stage choreographies for groups and solo performers. Many of her students became winners of National and International      competitions. See also “Our achievements” page. Since 2004 till now she works as a main choreographer for her dance school and her own dance troupe.

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Workshop topics
  1. Classical oriental Raqs Sharki. Traditional Arabic instrumental music used. Technique and choreography
  2. Classical oriental belly dance with veil. Technique and choreography
  3. Beautiful and expressive hands ands arms techniques + the art of stage posing.
  4. Tarab. Express you feelings with classical Egyptian love song.
  5. Floorwork techniques. The art of belly dance seduction. Harem style floor dance.
  6. Modern (elegant) baladi choreography
  7. Sensual oriental dance to pop Arabic song. Modern oriental. Technique and choreography
  8. Tabla solo. Technique and choreography
  9. Gypsy oriental fusion. Burn the fire in peoples hearts with power of Gypsy dance, and and hypnotize them with oriental snake body plastic. Includes Russian Gypsy skirt work and hand techniques. Technique and choreography
  10. Classical Persian dance. Technique and choreography
  11. Oriental dance with sword. Amira style. Technique and choreography
  12. Oriental fantasy dance with wings. Fire bird
  13. Khaleegi (Persian gulf) dance. Hair dance. Technique and choreography
  14. Traditional Saidi dance with cane
  15. Saidi dance no cane
  16. Alexandrian dance with melaya lef.
  17. Nubian dance
  18. Lebanese style modern belly dance to dabkeh music with or without cane 
  19. Rhythmology. Learn rhythms used in Arabic music and combinatios to each rhythm